Boone City Park Information

John Rouse, Parks Director
Boone City Parks
Mike Cornelis, Park Superintendent 515-432-6454
Julie Meimann, Park Administrative Assistant 515-432-4211 ext. 1129


The Boone City Park Commission is dedicated to provide facilities and promote ideas that allow all people to enjoy their leisure time in a safe and healthy environment.

Park Commission

The Boone Park Commission is a five member board who are elected by the citizens of Boone. They hire the Parks Director, set goals and advise on park operations. Parks provides you with facilities for your outdoor activities.

The departments work together to bring you recreation programs and facilities that can bring you hours of enjoyment.

Commission meets the second Monday of the month at 7:00 P.M. at the Park Office. Minutes for Commission Meetings are available HERE.

724 Lincoln Avenue
Boone, IA 50036

Park Commissioners

4 Year terms
Everett Johnson, December 31, 2017
Amy Landas, December 31, 2017
Mike Swarts, December 31, 2017
Taylor Tidgren, December 31, 2020
Brenda Wafful, December 31, 2020

Public Mulch located at 1721 McHose Dr. South of the Water Pollution Control Plant



Ice Skating Rink Warming House Hours with volunteer staffing
Volunteer for Ice Rink Background check fill out and return to City Hall Parks Dept. or
email your form to questions call Julie at 515-432-4211 x1129 your background check will have to be approved before you can volunteer. Check out the Warming House hours and call Julie at 432-4211 x 1129 to set up your volunteer time/s.

Ice Skate Rink has a limited number of skates for rent at $2.00 per pair.

Rule for Ice Skating Rink
No skating when posted
Enter Rink from ramp only
Stay off yellow bumpers
No hitting pucks towards building
Hockey goals at South end ONLY
Ice Rink closes at 9 pm when the lights go off automatically.


Boone City Park Information

ANDERSON PARK – 1010 Aldrich Avenue: Image
CUMMINGS PLAYGROUND – 710 Jefferson: Image
FRANKLIN PARK - 1210 Carroll : Image
Herman Pavilion – 621 S Greene: Image
John Hansen Memorial Skate Rink & Shelter – 410 Park Avenue:
Trail Shelter: Image
LARREW PARK -  1129 Harrison; Image
LINWOOD PARK CEMETERY - 609 Forest Avenue Image
LITTLE LEAGUE PARK – 314 W. 2nd; Image
Information about Boone Little League Teams
LOWELL PARK – 1431 16th: Image
McHOSE PARK : Image Map
Boone Municipal Pool – 1100 Francis Mason Dr. Image
Canine Corral -Dog Park see McHose Park Map
J. B. McHose Shelter – 1215 Francis Mason Dr. Image
Tennis Court -1200 Francis Mason Dr. Image
Volleyball Court-1200 Francis Mason Dr. Image
Scout Cabin – 1401 Francis Mason Dr.: Image
Gutterridge Shelter – 410 Park Ave: Image
Disc Golf Course 1401 Francis Mason Dr. Image
MEMORIAL PARK Ball Field– 711 19th : Image
Tennis Courts Image
Horseshoe pits Image
MILES-LEE PARK – 509 Franklin: Image
MILWAUKEE PARK – 1614 S.E. Linn: Image
SENHOLZ MEMORIAL PARK -  222 Mamie Eisenhower: Image

City Parks - Map


Enclosed Shelter Renter Information and Regulation.

Boone City Parks has four shelters available for rental. The J.B. McHose Shelter located a ¼ mile south of the Park Ave entrance on Frances Mason Dr. The Scout Cabin located a ¼ mile north of the Hwy 30 rest area on Frances Mason Dr. The Memorial Shelter is located north of the railroad track on Story St. to 19th and turn left. The Floyd Gutterridge Shelter located 3 blocks west of Story St. on the south side of Park Ave.

J.B. McHose Shelter -1215 Francis Mason Dr -Seating capacity 120, 100 chairs, 14-8ft folding tables, approx open area inside 40' x 40'. Kitchen has a stove, refrigerator, sink with hot and cold water.  Fireplace.  Flush toilet inside and adjacent building.  Close to playground, softball diamond, swimming pool, kids fishing pond, hiking trails, tennis and volleyball courts.

Scout Cabin - 1401 Francis Mason Dr-Seating capacity 80, 60 chairs, 10-8ft folding tables, approx . open inside area 40' x 25'.  Stove, refrigerator, sink with cold water , heater, fireplace, flush toilets outside.  Close to playground, hiking trails and kids fishing pond.

Memorial Shelter - 711 19th St- Seating capacity 50, 40 chairs, 6-8ft folding tables, approx. inside open area 40' x 20'. Kitchen has a stove, refrigerator, sink with hot and cold water. Flush toilet inside. Close to a playground, horseshoe pits, tennis and basketball courts.

Floyd Gutterridge Shelter -410 Park Ave.-Seating capacity 50, 40 chairs, 6-8ft folding tables, approx. inside open area 30' x 36'. Kitchen has a stove, refrigerator, furnace and water outside.  Pit toilet outside.  Close to playground, hiking trails and horse arena.

*Scout Cabin and Gutterridge will be available from October through April, with additional $20 charge per day for heat. NO water during the above months and portable toilet is outside the shelters.
McHose Shelter , Herman Pavilion and Memorial are not available from Mid October through April.

Renter Responsibility: Renter will be billed for any damage or clean up costs.  Building must be cleaned before vacated.  Renter may remain at building for one hour past park closing time for clean up purposes only.  Park closes at 11 p.m.

Put away all folding chairs and tables.
Set all picnic tables outside.
Make sure stove, water and lights are turned off.  Leave refrigerator on.
Put out fires.  (NOT WITH fire extinguisher)
Shut and lock all windows and doors.
Sweep the floor and set garbage outside (unless posted on refrigerator to leave inside).
Clean up litter outside associated with your group.

Alcohol: Alcohol is permitted on premises. It is the renter’s responsibility to insure that all persons under 21 years of age are prohibited from consuming any alcoholic beverages in or around rented shelter. The City of Boone is not liable for any accident or injury due to alcoholic consumption.

Fire Extinguisher: Each building is equipped with an all-purpose fire extinguisher for your safety.  Please do not discharge extinguisher unless necessary.

Cancellations: Please inform the Parks Department of your cancellations as soon as possible so that others may use the facility.  Rental Fees are non-refundable.

Key Pick Up & Return: Come to Boone City Parks' parking lot at 724 Lincoln Avenue (at the south end of Greene Street and east of Herman Pavilion).  A key will be in Mailbox next to office door in an envelope with renter’s name.  Keys for weekend renters will be in the box on Friday morning and you can pick them up at your convenience.  Please call ahead for other arrangements. Return your key to the office door marked "KEYS" as soon as you are finished with the Shelter and report any damages in writing. Additional $40 charge for keys not returned in 48 hours.

Rental Policy for Herman Park Pavilion

Herman Park Pavilion Renter Information

A sign on the front displays when this open air pavilion is rented.

This pavilion has 40 picnic tables with a stage that is 42' x 23'.


1. If pavilion is not rented, usage is on a first come - first served basis.
2. Grills are on a first come, first serve basis.
3. Noise and music is to be kept low so all can enjoy.
4. Reservation can be made up to one year in advance.

Shelter Rental Rates
Effective January 1, 2017

½ day ½ day Entire day
Shelter Available 7am-3pm 3pm-11pm 7am -11pm 
McHose Shelter  May-Mid Oct $80.00 $90.00 $150.00
Memorial Shelter May-Mid Oct $60.00 $70.00 $100.00
*Scout Cabin  Jan-Dec $60.00 $70.00 $100.00
*Gutterridge Shelter Jan-Dec $60.00 $70.00 $100.00
Herman Park Pavilion May-Mid Oct Entire Pavilion $60.00 $60.00 $120.00

 *The Scout Cabin and Gutteridge will be available from October through April, with an addition $10 charge per 1/2 day or $20 for entire day of heat. 
McHose Shelter, Memorial Shelter and Herman Park are
not available from mid October through April. 

Rental Fees are Non-Refundable

Picnic table rental-$10 per table per week (7 days). (You pick-up at Park Office and return.)
Ball Diamond rental-$40 per day per Diamond (Preparation not included)

Gutterridge Arena rental-$30 per day (arena only and preparation not included)


Shelter reservations may be made up to one year in advance.

(Example - Next year if you want to use the shelter on May 25, you may make
that reservation no earlier than May 25 of this year)

Rental Fees for next year are subject to change

To make reservations call the Parks/Public Works Office at (515) 432-4211 ext. 1129 or by e-mail at Reservations

If sending an e-mail request, please provide the following information:
Date of desired reservation
Time of reservation  (Reservations are made in the following time slots:  7am to 11pm full day,
7am to 3pm half day, or 3pm to 11pm half day)

Shelter location  (McHose Shelter, Memorial Shelter, Scout Cabin, Gutterridge, or Herman Park Pavilion)

Rental rates subject to change.