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During normal working hours M-F 8-5 Call 515-432-4211 ext 142

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Call 515-433-0527

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Welcome to the City of Boone

"The City of Boone welcomes you to the many services and activities we offer to our citizens and guests. Quality of life is not just a goal, but a reality in Boone. Come join us!"

- Mayor John Slight

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News and Announcements

4/22/2015 Boone Police Press Release- Grass blown in streets
City ordinance 135.03


4/17/2015 August 2015 Crossing Guarding Changes
To Citizens of Boone and parents of students at Boone Community School District


4/14/2015 Alliant Energy Gas Project Website for City of Boone

Again the contact information for the Boone project is:



4/13/2015 Burning Ordinance Summery: see Fire Department for more information.


Currently the City of Boone has one siren that is not working properly. The siren located at DMACC is still temporarily disabled. It will be fixed as soon as possible. 


1/22/2015 Garbage Truck will not be allowed in alleys starting Monday, January 26, 2015 until further notice.

10/24/2014 Residential and Commercial Snow removal 2014-2015 Changes

Residents are encouraged to note a recent change in the side walk snow removal procedures. 

The Boone City ordinance requires that property owners remove snow and ice accumulations from sidewalks within 24 hours in commercial districts and 48 hours in residential districts following a snow event.  Owners are also required to maintain sidewalks clear of snow and ice. 

New procedures in 2014 now require the City to publish notice in the newspaper informing residents of these requirements, but no additional notice will be given prior to the City performing work for properties that fail to comply.   The City will cause the work to be completed and the charges will be assessed to the property taxes as a special assessment.  The penalties for failure to comply with these requirements for the 2014 -2015 winter season are fifteen dollars ($ 15) for an interior lot, twenty dollars ($20) for a corner lot for snow removal, fifty dollar ($50) civil penalty, and a five ($5) dollar administrative fee.

Property owners are encouraged to keep their sidewalks clear of snow and ice accumulation for the safety of the users of our sidewalks.   Questions may be directed to Community Service Officer Michael J. Salati Sr. at the Boone Police Department at 515-432-3456 during normal business hours Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. 


Emeral Ash Borer Information
City Website about the Emeral Ash Borer

2014 Consumer Confidence Report/Water Quality Report
to veiw this report go to Water Treatment & Water Enviroment Facilities


5/6/2014 Destruction of Noxious Weeds and Growths within the City Limits of Boone. For further information go to the attached file:
Notice from Weed Commissioner City of Boone, Iowa

3/30/2015 Spring Mowing
Residents and Property Owners of Boone:  Spring is upon us which, along with the good weather, brings green grass and lots of growth.  The City of Boone is required by ordinance to maintain properties that do not cut grass, weeds and volunteer trees.   As part of our process, the City has advertised and received bid proposals for this grass mowing.  These bids for the 2015 mowing season are $30 per lot.  This coupled with the required $50 civil penalty and $ 5 administrative fee make the charges for neglected properties a minimum of $85. 

Residents and property owners are encouraged to take notice of these property maintenance requirements.  The City of Boone appreciates your cooperation in keeping properties in compliance with applicable ordinances to avoid these charges.   If you have questions regarding these requirements, please feel free to contact the Boone Police Department, Community Service Officer at 515-432-3456.  Further ordinance information is available at .  

3/30/2015 Flushing Water Mains
The city of Boone will begin flushing water mains the middle of April 2015 weather permitting. Again the Public Works will continue to flush the mains "All day every day until Winter".
For more information, go to our Public Works Department web page.


The Boone Police Department would like to remind all residents and property owners; it is your responsibility to ensure that your sidewalks are cleared of all snow and ice. In addition, the City of Boone has been experiencing issues with sidewalks not being cleared after a significant wind event. Property Owners are also responsible for ongoing maintenance of the sidewalks. If this is not done, the City of Boone will remove the snow and ice and assess the costs to the property owner. Residents and property owners are encouraged to call the Community Service Officer with any questions at 432-3456. These regulations are covered in city ordinance 136.03.

Miles of Lights - As many of you have noticed the City Crews have hung the holiday wreaths and lights. Every year these decorations need either some repair or replacement. The Boone Area Chamber of Commerce and the City of Boone are asking for your financial support of the "Miles of Lights" campaign. Please consider a donation to this campaign. You may make your check payable to the City of Boone and write "Miles of Lights" on the memo line. Please mail your donation to:
City of Boone
923 8th Street - PO Box 550
Boone, IA 50036
Donations are tax deductible as a charitable contribution. Thank you for your support.

4th of July Fireworks Fundraiser
ffective immediately the new pop can drop off for the Fireworks fund will now be at the Can Depot located at 927 10th St. It will be marked with two signs. YOU can NO longer drop cans off at the Police Station.
Citizens are asked to donate their empty 5¢ deposit beverage containers (no glass containers please) to the Fireworks Fund. Containers should be bagged, tied and tossed into the fenced area. The area will be marked.
Thank you for your support.

The Boone Parks Department is seeking volunteers to adopt the neighborhood parks.
Adopt a Park Information
Neighborhood Park Watch Information

Boone City Parks Foundation annual membership form. If you would like to become a member of the "Friends of the Parks" please fill out the attached form and mail with your donation.
Foundation "Friends of the Parks" membership form


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