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General Information and Available Land

Economic Development

Boone offers a number of options for a business or industry seeking to locate in central Iowa. We have a strong public /private relationship in the arena of economic development. The City of Boone and Boone's Future work hand in hand to help prospective businesses find the best options for their location. There are a variety of incentives and tools available including:
*Interest rate buy-downs on major capital investments
*Forgivable loans
*Financial grants
*Land areas can be gifted
*On-the-job training resources
*Contact/Coordination service with local authorities
*Continued support after expansion
*Local property tax abatement

For more information please contact:
*Kurt Phillips- Boone County Economic Growth Corporation- Executive Director
at 515-432-3342 or click HERE to email Kurt
* City of Boone - City Clerk
at 515-432-4211 or click HERE to email City Clerk

Development Opportunities - Boone County Economic Growth Corporation
Available Properties

Location One - Site/Building Search

Robert L. Fisher Airport Business Park
The RL Fisher Airport Business Park is conveniently located next to the Boone Municipal Airport. The development has over 35 acres of available land. Some key features include:

Joint storm water detention
Immediate access to Highway 30 (close to Interstate 35)
Immediate access to the Boone Municipal Airport

Please contact Kurt Phillips at 515-432-3342 for more information

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Boone Business Park
The Boone Business Park is conveniently located on 4 lane US Highway 30. There are 14 acres still available in this park. Lots in this park are shovel ready in that all the utilities are in place. Some of the great businesses located in this park are:

Patterson Dental
CDS Global

Please contact Kurt Phillips at 515-432-3342 for more information

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Grabau Property
This site is approximately 100 acres located just north of the current industrial park. This property has the distinction of having rail access through a spur line owned by the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad and is connected to the main line of the Union Pacific Railroad.

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